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TDMore Blu-ray Copy 1.0

Attractive Blu-ray tool to make perfect copies of your Blu-ray discs and movies
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Following the attractive look and the extreme simplicity of the new TDMore range of products, TDMore Blu-ray Copy offers a neat and efficient solution to anyone wishing to make backup copies of their Blu-ray collection. Ranging from 1:1 perfect copies to highly-customized rips of just selected streams, this excellent tool is the perfect choice for those looking for both efficiency and simplicity.

You can load not only Blu-ray discs but also Blu-ray folders sitting on your hard drives. From there you can choose to make a copy of the entire disc or to select which video, audio, and subtitle streams you really need. Following the principle that “less is more”, TDMore Blu-ray Copy will not bother you with options you don’t really need to go through. If you wish to make a copy of the entire Blu-ray disc, all the program needs to know is what the final destination will be (a blank Blu-ray disc, a folder, or an ISO file); and if you wish to keep the disc uncompressed, or if you want to shrink your BD50 disc into a BD25 one, the program will use state-of-the-art compression algorithms to preserve as much of the original quality as possible. Cloning a Blu-ray is even easier. All you will be asked for here is to put in the recording drive a blank Blu-ray disc of exactly the same size as the original. (Note that the Full Disc and Main Movie options will turn your 3D Blu-rays into 2D movies – you will need to select the Clone option if you wish a perfect bit-to-bit copy of the original 3D disc.)

Custom rips are more fun, though they require you to go through additional steps. Main Movie will select the main feature on the Blu-ray automatically, complete with its original soundtrack and the corresponding subtitle stream. However, you can always customize the output by choosing a different movie and/or soundtrack or by including whatever extra content you wish to add to your backup copy. To help you make the right choices, the program comes with a built-in preview window for you to watch any of the selected video streams.

TDMore Blu-ray Copy requires you to have an active Internet connection in order to open the source disc, but this new version of the program is now capable of decrypting most Blu-rays offline. Some copy-protected discs, however, will still need to access TDMore’s server to find the right key to unlock their content.

TDMore Blu-ray copy offers the right balance between simplicity of use and effectiveness that anyone requires to back up their Blu-ray collection without spending too much time in configuring the entire process or in trying to understand the video jargon that other similar tools boast of.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces 1:1 perfect clones of your Blu-ray discs
  • Allows you to customize the output disc
  • Rips to ISO archive and Blu-ray folder
  • Transforms 3D Blu-ray discs into 2D discs


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